About Kymm! Bang

Kymm! Bang with MeduSirena at the Mai-Kai

Chicago born Kymm! Bang squandered the unexpected arts scholarship that was handed to her, after her teachers bought her assignments and told her they could not teach her anything she did not already know (really). At age 22, she was enlisted as a resident artist at C-POP — a genre-defining lowbrow gallery in Detroit — where she shared the walls with the likes of Robert Williams, and then-emerging artists Shag, and Mark Ryden. Throughout the following decades her “futuristically retro” designs have been featured in tiki bars, galleries, television shows, museums, books, magazines, and personal collections around the world.

Kymm!’s art is defined by her pop style, use of cleverly provocative assemblage, and affinity for powerful colors. She’d been notorious for her saucy pin-up inspired imagery, but has more recently become renowned for her work as the premier Gravel Art Revivalist; where she fluidly combines her strengths in graphic design, with her penchant for mid-century aesthetics to create distinctive pieces of Modern Kitsch.

Here, you will find Kymm!’s one of a kind handmade gravel art pieces, tiki mugs, custom glassware, jewelry designs, accessories, home decor, and even clothing adorned with her illustrations.

Tiki bars you can find Kymm!'s work or products in, include:

UnderTow, Phoenix; Tonga Hut, Los Angeles; Max’s South Seas Hideaway, Grand Rapids, MI; Inferno Room, Indianapolis; Hala Kahiki, River Grove, IL; Tiki Underground, Hudson, OH; Hidden Idol, Denver; Fong's Pizza, Des Moines; Swizzle, Dallas; 4 Kahunas, Arlington, TX; Huli Huli, Powell, OH; Kahala Koa, Prospect Heights, IL; Hidden Harbor, Pittsburg, PA; Tiki Tiki Bang Bang, Cincinnati.

Kymm Bang

Commissions, custom orders, and wholesale inquiries are always welcomed. Cheers, and mahalo!

(Photobomb by MeduSirena, at the Mai-Kai, Ft Lauderdale, Florida.)