Set of 2 - Fez Dome Swizzle Sticks for Tiki Underground “Scooter Girl” Glasses

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If you’ve been able to grab any of the Scooter Girl zombie glasses I designed for Tiki Underground, you can now enjoy them with a custom swizzle! The glass design is an homage to the Cleveland scooter scene, and to DEVO—the pride of Akron, Ohio.

Scooter Girl is wearing an Energy Dome Fez, and because my brain loves coordination, I’ve made some swizzles to match! So far the glasses have been released in 5 different colorways: RED, PURPLE, YELLOW, GREEN, and GREY (black).

Sold in pairs, pick any 2 colors.
Sold in a set of 5, 1 of each color  

Lasercut acrylic, with a custom tassel on top. 8.25” 

Even if you weren’t able to snag a glass, these swizzles are also great for any fan of new wave and cocktails. You can also keep an eye on the Tiki Underground store for a Scooter Girl tee, or possible new future glass color releases! 

To keep your swizzles in their best condition, ONLY gently hand wash with something soft. 

Designed and made in Chicago. 

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