Shiny Brite Ornament Swizzle Sticks

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Deck out your drinks with swizzles inspired by the classic Shiny Brite ornaments! I would spend hours staring at my Grandma Gerry’s tree, taking in all the shapes, colors, and textures of these most fabulous baubles. They made me happy, and I hope these make you happy, too!
I designed these in such a way that they work in both tall and short glasses. Each ornament is 2.25” x 2.125”, laser cut from acrylic. A bead dances playfully in each center. They hang from a swizzle stick in the shape of a Christmas tree branch. 8.5” tall. 

These pieces are designed and made by me, with hand painted details.
(Colors in real life may differ from your screen.)
This is an original © Kymm! Bang design, 2022.
Made with happiness in Chicago.

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