Chinese Tile, Graduated Necklace and Earrings Set - Jade Green

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This laser cut acrylic set makes a statement! A beautiful display of the Chinese tile motif in a candy jade green with white detailing, graduating in size right up to the earrings. The largest tile is 1.75" across, and the earrings are 1.25". The total length is 18.25” with a lobster clasp. Soldered-link brass chain with antiques bronze patina.
Chinese architectural tiles, also known as jade tiles, are a classic tiki bar element. This collection is based on my original pillow design, which honors these ceramic Asian breeze blocks. Etching such an elegant pattern in slick mod acrylic creates a piece of pop jewelry that will complement even the fanciest of caftans or casual loungewear.
(Colors in real life may not be the same as on your screen.)
Made with love in Chicago.

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