PoutyPuss - Gravel Art Panels

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These are a mid-century influenced, linen wall panel pairing with gravel art details. I made them for a themed gallery show years ago and are a ONE OF A KIND SET, and they’ve been packed away since. they come ready to hang. 

These pouty cats are inspired by the vintage big-eyed Pity Kitties, painted by Gig. Their giant sad eyes sparkle with 
crushed glass, glitter, Swarovski crystals, and glossy glazing. The crying clouds are contrasted in grey flocking. (Actual colors may vary slightly from monitor images.)
This is my own, original Gravel Art design.  

Each framed panel is linen fused to masonite, and measures 9.25" wide x 24" high. Sold as a pair.

Every Sophisti-Kit is HANDMADE; carefully handcrafted and assembled by me, in Chicago, with love and awesome. They start from scratch; as pieces of wood and board, and piles of cord and glass and fabric and bits. Even many of the embellishments are handmade by me— because sometimes there is no store that sells the pieces I need. If I want them in my design, I have to find a way to make them for you. And not wanting to compromise my visions, I do just that. So with my saws and router and cleverness and craftiness, I create these... They take a lot of work and time and are completely handmade, so please account for those things when placing your order.

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