Happy Holiday Cat Christmas Swizzle Sticks, Red and Green

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Do you love a festive cocktail? These special edition holiday swizzles need to be in your collection! These are my signature design laser cut acrylic sticks, and each one is individually finished with hand detailing. They are available in two lengths, mai tai and zombie, and can perch on either side of your glass with her front or back leg. These swizzles are all extra with their alternating green and red collars and jingle bells. And their tails can double as a garnish pick! 

Mai Tai: 5.5”    Zombie: 8.25”  
Sold in pairs of the same size, each set comes with one red, and one green swizzle. 

To keep your swizzles in the best condition, ONLY gently hand wash with something soft, and dry immediately. Don’t keep the collar wet for extended periods of time. 

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