Aves Tropicales earrings - multiple colors

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Aves Tropicales is a fancy way of saying Tropical Birds, because these earrings are def fancy! 2 little friends will hang from your ears on their bamboo hoop perches. They have inlaid crystal eyes, a double tasseled tail, and carry a faceted glass drop in their beaks. They are cut from matte finished acrylic. 4.5” total length, 2” wide. Very lightweight. I LOVE THESE EARRINGS!!!
If you’re a little bit evil, check out the Murder Birder with red eyes and a blood drop. 
(if the tail ever gets a little mis-shapen from storage, simply dip it in a little water and straighten it out, and allow to dry.)

(Colors in real life may differ from your screen.)
This is an original © Kymm! Bang design, 2022.
Made with love and enthusiasm in Chicago.
Last photos of Frenchy LaRouge from Spike’s Breezeway Hour.  

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