Chinese Tile Tassel Earrings - Green and Gold

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Elegantly swank earrings in the Chinese tile motif, laser cut with hand detailing and an inlaid crystal center. These tiles are hung at a dramatic diagonal, with a long silky tassel. The tile is 1.625” across. The entire length including hook is 6”. 
Chinese architectural tiles, also known as jade tiles, are a classic tiki bar element. This collection is based on my original pillow design, which honors these ceramic Asian breeze blocks. Etching such an elegant pattern in slick mod acrylic creates a piece of pop jewelry that will complement even the fanciest of caftans or casual loungewear.
(Colors in real life may differ from your screen.)
This is an original © Kymm! Bang design, 2022.
Made with love and enthusiasm in Chicago.

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