Collector’s Carmen Miranda Brooch and Earrings - Orange Halo Shadowbox on Magenta

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In my efforts to design pieces that are easier for me to make, I came up with this very detailed assemblage brooch that absolutely needed a custom display box or I wouldn’t be happy with it. Ha. I’ll try again later for something more simplistic.
This wonderful piece of art is something that I illustrated of the colorful and effervescent Brazilian Bombshell, Carmen Miranda. As she was most famous in the 1930s and 40s for performing in her incredible headdresses that she made herself as a milliner, these pay tribute with applied fruits, foliage, and crystals. She comes with a custom shadowbox that can either sit on a shelf or hang on a wall— because she’s far too fabulous to keep in a drawer! Removing her, or putting her back on display is as simple as lifting her up or sliding her back down on the floating slat (last photo).
Total shadowbox dimensions are 4.75” x 6.75” x 1.5”. The opening is 4” x 6”. 

The piece in the photos is the piece you will receive. All of these brooches are handmade and will differ from one another. This shadowbox was custom made to this particular brooch, as considerations need to be made in the hanging placement since the dangles and pinback locations will never be eXavier from piece to piece. 

She is UV printed, laser cut white acrylic with attached new and vintage fruits and baubles. As Carmen’s persona was in real life, this focal piece is also quite bold at 2.375” wide, and 3.5” long, not including the dangling drops. I got all fancy with the printing of her, and the orange slice halo is spot glossed while the rest of her is matte. 
The back of the brooch is signed, because this is a piece of art, first. It’s a bonus that you can wear it!

The matching banana earrings are included! They are gold-toned and nickel free, and measure about 1.75” long, not including the hook. They are not part of the display, but they can rest inside the ledge of the frame if you'd like to keep them together.

Made with aloha in Chicago. (Colors in real life may not be the same as on your screen.) 

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