Puffer Fish Light-Up Earrings

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These adorbs little blowballs are here to light up your life with joy, not with a bulb in their bellies. They were conceived while I was stuck in bed sick and had nothing to do but think, and dream. Sometimes fever delirium pays off!
These are mini edge-lit acrylic pieces, that illuminate with USB rechargeable LEDs. No need to change batteries!! They have flashing, fade, and solid color modes, that you can change with a button on the back. White, red, blue, green, aqua, and yellow colors. They are adorned with an assortment of dangling white paillettes in a chandelier effect for extra movement and drama.   

These are going to be pretty substantial on your ears measuring at 4” long, and 0.6 oz in weight. Not for the timid! 2 USB cables are included for charging. 
(Colors in real life may differ from your screen.)
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Made with love and enthusiasm in Chicago.

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