Tiki tOny Ltd Ed Gravel Art Panel

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Tiki tOny + Kymm! Bang collaboration "Marquesan Tiki Dude" and "Pink Elephant" are limited to only 30 pieces each, signed and numbered. I have under 10 left of each design.

This is finished and ready to ship. Each piece starts as an unmistakable, original Tiki tOny illustration adapted for my gravel art panel process. It is custom printed on linen, and fused to hardboard. Then I gravel it up and add little Swarovski crystal highlights, and trim it out in the frames I have custom made for my work.

I did not make all 60 at one time, I make them as I go, so they are not always available. If you would like one of each, and I only have one kind available, please contact me and I can make you both as long as I'm not sold out of one of the editions.

This piece is 9.5” x 24”, signed by me, and numbered on the back.

Thank you Tiki tOny, this was so much fun!

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