Kitty Cocktail Zombie Glass and Swizzles - Black and White

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*Glasses ship separately from most other items.
PLEASE ORDER SMALLER ITEMS LIKE JEWELRY AND SWIZZLES SEPARATELY FROM GLASSES AND GRAVEL ART, IF YOU'D LIKE THE OPTION OF FIRST CLASS SHIPPING ON THOSE ITEMS. (In some cases, I will be able to ship both orders together and refund your extra shipping. If small items are ordered with glasses or art, your shipping charge will jump due to the shipping service offered because of weight. I will try to refund those overages too, but don't always catch it. PLEASE LEAVE ME A NOTE AT CHECKOUT IF YOU'VE PLACED MULTIPLE ORDERS, SO I CAN CHECK THIS!)

These Kymm! Bang signature cat glasses are classic, yet modern, in timeless black and white. This alternating pattern will wrap around the glass.

All glasses come with a matching swizzle!
Buy one glass, get the white swizzle with a black collar! 
Buy a pair, get the white swizzle, and the black swizzle with a white collar!

Standard 12oz zombie glass, 2.5 x 7".

Swizzles are laser cut acrylic and hand-finished.They can perch on either side of your glass with her front or back leg. These swizzles are all extra with their fancy collars, and the tail can double as a garnish pick.

To keep your swizzles in the best condition, ONLY gently hand wash with something soft, and dry quickly. Don’t keep the collar wet for extended periods of time. 

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